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Our mission: Dreamboat is the place. A place that offers more than just your average barbershop haircut. What a time to be alive! We’re taking such incredible strides forward as a community. We’re challenging heteronormative and xenophobic ideas. We’re fighting the status quo and we are learning how to love and accept each other for exactly who we are. Dreamboat is a space for everyone; a hub that welcomes any person to be themselves and express their creativity comfortably. We provide a variety of services using both hairdressing and barbering techniques, breaking the rules and pushing boundaries in the hair and beauty industry. Inspired by uprising artistic subcultures and driven by equality. 

Find us down Winn Lane and don’t look back.

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Strengths: All creative and

educative work

Pronouns: She / they

Hometown: Bribie Island

Star sign: Capricorn baby

Skill level: 11+ years

Talents: Can cut a raging mullet, and hold a tune.

Guru advice: “Always Evolve, never remain”

Loves: Dessert, fashion, music and art

Hates: Haters




Strengths: Creative cutting & Colour work
Pronouns: She / Her

Hometown: Moree
Star sign: Cancer
Skill level: 11+ years
Talents: Remastering buzzcuts, twerking on walls

and swinging paint brushes.
Guru advice: “Oprah was homeless”
Loves: Good chats about life, Coffee
Hates: Judgement


Senior Stylist/Colourist


Strengths: Long hair, Colour Transformations

Pronouns: She / They
Hometown: Bris Vegas
Star sign: Leo
Skill level: 5 years in the making 
Talents: Creating art with art + free therapy sessions
Guru advice: “Stop comparing your achievements to others, everyone has their own pace”
Loves: Anime, gaming and all things creative
Hates: Discrimination.


Senior Stylist/Barber


Strengths: Alternative & trad barbering

Pronouns: She / Her

Hometown: Brissy baby

Star sign: Cancer & Leo cusp

Skill level: 7+ years

Talents: Sculpting mullets and gettin' spooky

Guru advice: “When in doubt, Freak 'em out"

Loves: Anything weird and wonderful

Hates: Cut out crowns and square necklines.


1st year Apprentice


Strengths: High score Care Level 1000000

Pronouns: She / Her

Hometown: Sunny Coast
Star sign: Scorpio

Skill level: Hair baby
Talents: Gettin' Crafty

Guru advice: “If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else” - Our Queen Ru Paul.

Loves: A bargain
Hates: Paying full price for anything!


1st year Apprentice


Strengths: Creative mastermind 
Pronouns: They / Them
Hometown: Townsville
Star sign: Capricorn
Skill level: Hair baby
Talents: Tik Tok extraordinaire
Guru advice: “Happiness over conformity”
Loves: Music, footy, creativity
Hates: Bad drivers

Broke AF, but strongly support treating yourself?



Monday   8am - 5pm

Tuesday   8am - 8pm

Wednesday   8am - 8pm

Thursday   8am - 8pm

Friday   8am - 8pm

Saturday   10am - 4pm

Sunday   Closed


5c Winn Lane, Winn Street

Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006


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