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It’s 2022 and shock horror, we ain’t ain’t outta the COVID woods yet.

Nevertheless we’re ready to mask up and kick ass this year.

We appreciate the heck out of you all and thank you for your ongoing patience and support. We know these rules and guidelines can be rough, but they’re put in place to keep us all protected during this difficult and uncertain COVID climate. 

If you want to get amongst the mullet madness and creative culture we got goin on, here’s the Dreamboat Lowdown:


✦ When visiting Dreamboat please make sure that you check in via the ‘Check in’ QLD app. Posters will be on the front door of our main store and remix.

The mask mandate is still in effect so for our safety and yours, please ensure that you’re wearing an appropriate mask when entering Dreamboat and continue to do so unless asked otherwise by your stylist/manager. Disposable masks are recommended for colour clients to avoid product stains. Unfortunately this also means no face work/Beard shaping until masks are off for good.

✦ Please wash/sanitise your hands upon entry! We’ll also be doing our best to keep Dreamboat clean and sterile between each visitor.

Due to to size of our spaces and social distancing guidelines, if you are early to your session please wait in the lane until we holla at you to come in and where possible avoid bringing pals with you, they will be also asked to wait outside until your session is over.

If you feel unwell and are experiencing any flu/COVID like symptoms please get tested, stay home and let us know at least 24hrs before your appointment so we can cancel and reschedule your session. Please read up on our cancellation policy via our website. 


✦ Our wait list is constantly moving! If your desired session time/date isn’t available, the best and most effective way to secure a session close to that time is by joining our wait list. You can do this by clicking on our booking link (Insta/FB/website) and the wait list option will show up in the date/time selection page. If you are contacted in regards to a wait list session, please try get back to us ASAP. 


✦ "Do I have to be vaccinated to visit Dreamboat?” The short answer is NO. Just make sure you’re following our safety protocol (as listed above) to keep us all as safe as possible


✦ We know these rules and regulations can be rough and annoying but they’re put in place to keep us all protected during this difficult and uncertain COVID climate. 


🌈   The Dreamboat team

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